Navamin 9 Hospital is The leading private hospital in the suburbs from other Navamin Hospital groups. The hospital is located in Bangkok on MinBuri district. The hospital was successfully established by the strong commitments of the executive board, management teams and medical professionals who work collaboratively to achieve the goals. Our hospital medical teams and other support staff who have experience in standard quality of medical services, work together  in quick response to meet the health needs of all the customers at a reasonable price.  The hospital can provide services of more than 2,000 out-patients per day with spacious and convenient outpatient Units by our expert medical professionals and specialist with most advanced  technology of medical equipments and devices. It takes only 15 minutes to travel from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the Navamin 9 hospital.

Navamin9 Hospital has been certified as a standard hospital by the healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) and has passed the standard accreditation of Joint Commission International (USA) last 2013

Hospital services
Navamin9 Hospital has 24-hour emergency care services by specialist medical teams including our warm, sincere  and caring  health services by our well-trained nursing staffs.

Registration and Enquiry service
Our hospital uses electronic medical record as they can store, retrieve  and modify records with secure and fast access.

Outpatient Department (OPD)
This department consists of expertise physician, nursing teams and other health care professionals with standard medical devices and relaxing atmosphere for all our visitors.

Radiology Department
This department is equipped with x-ray computers, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Ultrasound, Fluoroscope, which is an imaging technique to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures of a patient and portable X- ray machines, in providing more accurate and safest methods for better diagnosis. The procedures are performed by  specialist radiologist and X-Ray technicians.

Laboratory Department
Our hospital laboratory is equipped with automated blood test devices that automatically analyze and produce accurate results performed by skilled medical technologists.

Dental Clinic
Our hospital gives emphasis on the highest safety standards of sterilization machines such as Ultrasonic Cleanser and Autoclave sterilizer which are used in providing safety for our patients. These tools have been confirmed by many expert dentists for their safety standards in effectively destroying germs.

Department of Physical Therapy  
Physical therapy services are provided by experienced therapists, including modern equipments use to restore, maintain and effectively rehabilitate the  patient’s physical health.

Navamin9 Hospital ensure health promotion, health protection and recognize the diseases in the early stages and able to identify with in-depth information of individual patients. Our hospital organizes general health check-up and annual vaccination programs conducted by our medical teams. Our expertise medical teams and nursing staff explore with ethical and philosophical practice of family medicine to insist the doctor-patient relationship.

Our medical staff are enthusiast and have good intentions in ensuring our patients health and well-being. We provide treatment for all digestive system diseases with focused approach from esophageal to stomach disease including gastro-esophageal, peptic ulcer, chronic HEARTBURN, liver disease, liver cancer, pancreas disease,hepatitis , colon cancer, and hemorrhoids by using Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy  to diagnose and treat abnormalities in the internal anatomy of the digestive tract.

In patient Department
The in-patient department offers comfortable, clean, and beautiful with different ROOM TYPES for patients to choose depending on their needs and demands along environment with warm and friendly services by professional nursing teams.

Mother and Child Center
Gynecologist and Pediatrician are available to provide our patients with high levels of expertise and long-term experience in caring for mothers and infants. Our hospital have baby delivery package to support you with comforts and complete peace of mind without having to worry about the family expenses.
Furthermore, the treatments by laparoscopic surgery have small incision, less pain, short hospital stay and quick recovery.

Center of Bone and Joint Disesase
The Center of Bone and Joint Disease provides comprehensive diagnostic services, treatment and bone surgery performed by physicians specialized in bone treatment. The hi-tech bone surgery technology can heal affected bone and joint. A replacement of joint will be a better experience for the patient . Any symptoms of joints such as knee, back, hip, or inter-vertebral disc can be treated by our Center of bone and joint Disease

Spine surgery can cure back pain, herniated disc, scoliosis, dislocated or fractured bone by using the microscopic surgery for herniated disc treatment.

Cosmetics Surgery 
The thread lift is a new face-lift technique to minimize facial wrinkles. A liposuction-vaser technique provides effective body firming and removes unwanted fat from specific areas. We also have other reconstructive surgery such as rhinoplasty, mammoplasty and gender reassignment surgery.
Navamin Hospital and the Muslim communities
Since, Navamin 9 Hospital is located in the Eastern part of Bangkok people around are mostly Muslim. Therefore, the hospital try to support services conform to Muslim ways of life. The Department of Food of our hospital has set up food policies to serve all in patients with Halal food that contains all the essential nutrients significantly advice by the doctors and suitable food for Muslim patients as well.

With commitment and action plan of the Executive Board, medical teams and hospital staff, together, we create the new vision standard for healthcare of the Navamin 9 Hospital that “We will continue  to develop and improve the quality of health care services on a daily basis so someday we can become one of the leading private hospitals in Bangkok” by :

  1. Committed to achieving and maintaining quality of health services and excellence in every aspect for our customers,
  2. Ensure to act with integrity and show respect to every hospital employees, medical staffs and customers in order to build unity for everyone in the hospital.
  3. To improve the health of people and the community with effective teamwork, making worth an accessible and convenient services.
โรงพยาบาลนวมินทร์ 9 (NAVAMIN 9 HOSPITAL)  
เลขที่ 96 ถนนสีหบุรานุกิจ แขวงมีนบุรี เขตมีนบุรี กรุงเทพฯ 10510 Tel. 0-2518-1818